Who's Awake

Body alarm went off !agh! Very Earnie quiet apart from mutt snoring in her bed
Strange how quiet it goes when the snow is on the ground
I’m awake not sure if it was you or your dog woke me up 😂
Morning campers 👋
Not been out yet, dog still in bed, but it looks frosty.
Must be cold cos the heating's come on.

Afternoon all it seems as if it’s going to be a frosty night Well had a photo shoot today with all the family but only the g/kids were getting their photo done...and what an afternoon with 5 g/kids and 8 adults in a smallish room! 1 g/kid had just woke up 1 had the head on or as Gordon says heed! Aarrrrgghh..haha but good fun all the same and the photographer was absolutely brilliant with them and we got some fabulous photos!!

Cosy Saturday night in. Snow's melted a lot today, but baby it's still c-c-c-c-cold outside. Brrr!

Bloomin' neighbour's cat still reckons he lives here! :)

Cosy Feb 2019-02.jpg

Cosy Feb 2019-01.jpg
Yep me too, morning campers cold and dry here.

The laird

Rally Organiser
Much the same here annie frgn mutt snoring it’s heid off in her bed.got a fair bit tidying van yesterday also sorted drivers door ( job overdue ) will hoover out today
Cold 🥶 and dry here and no sun now!
Me away with the fairies but not up yet 😉
Morning happy campers.
Morning all hope the sun is shining where you are sadly it’s not shining here now got the tea prepared as I’m an school run duties today and tomorrow as Lanas mam has gone to London until the weekend as it’s to do with work!

Sunny and cool. Taking the bus for a run to N Somerset, oh and taking my financial advisor:rolleyes:

The laird

Rally Organiser
Morning hey ho off to work we go,away up Blakey’s Isle today.cool damp am no frost,see how it goes today