Aerotoxic radio programme.



I assume the replier 'Allan' works for the airline in a managerial position? He appears to be in denial about the effects of fume toxicity and just doesn't want to see the link.
I know nothing about such things compared to you Bill but I know enough that industries deny, deny, deny until they are blue in the face until eventually they back themselves into a corner with nowhere else to go. Then, finally, the truth comes out, then the hard bargaining about compensation starts., which is what it is really all about for the airline industry. Money! Not peoples lives. What a sick way of looking at your fellow man/woman.
For the sufferers it is about recognition of the link, and yes, any compensation would be welcome as those affected become less mobile or more ill, specialist equipment, home adaptations or even the need to move to a single level dwelling and of course income will be necessary.
All the best to you Bill, keep on punching.

Spot on Ral. This is exactly the same sort of cover up as perpetrated by DuPont about the toxicity of Teflon...

I'll never understand why companies continue to blatantly deny when the evidence is overwhelming :unsure: It just makes them look a million times more evil and massively increases the size of subsequent compensation payouts. The airline industry has a hell of a lot to answer for... as do all the others who conceal the uncomfortable truth for financial reasons.



Some interesting links within this latest update Link
Personally I’d prefer something being done to prevent further health damage to a compensation payout. Nothing can compensate for constant pain and loss of mobility, or in some cases even death, but if the threat of payouts is what is needed to get something done then so be it. It’s very interesting in one of the links to see the amazing amounts in compensation payouts for other poisonous chemicals litigations.