What did you do to your van today?


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Yesterday I painted the chrome fitting in the shower that holds shampoo bottles etc.

Putting chrome into a wet area like a shower. What a stupid idea!


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2018 AutoTrail V-Line 635SE. Kitchen Drawer Catch Retainer & Aluminium Sink.

I like to keep records of fittings for when things go wrong, and this might help other AutoTrail owners.

AutoTrail V-Line 635SE_Drawer Catch.JPG

This is the cheap kitchen drawer catch plastic retainer fitted by AutoTrail, and the item adjacent the sink was starting to break. Rather than fit a plastic replacement I fettled up something stronger from scrap metal. The two retaining screws are impossible to undo without removing the sink. A simple job now resolved.

Once in bits, I found the aluminium sink had a previously hidden sticker telling me the manufacturer and unit number. It was Thetford SBL3400 rectangular 400x445mm. Google found me an exploded drawing that included the part numbers of associated fittings, such as rubber gasket, glass top, glass protector rubber bungs, etc,.

Thetford Sink Label_Rectangular_400x445 Bar Code.JPG

Being me, I've downloaded the lot into my V-Line file, so that when something breaks again, I know where to go to get a spare.


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What a day, we started by having new mud and snow tyres fitted to new rims for the Betty build. Including the argument over getting them balanced. I think 140 grams out was worth doing. Whilst we were at Manor tyres I thought it would be a good idea to check the wheel alignment on Anita’s shopping van. Even though it’s not a year old yet the front tyres did not look like they were wearing correctly. Yes Mercedes screw up again, it was out. Whilst I finished building Betty’s front end, Anita set about giving Murky a deep clean. I think I got the easy job. ;) A trip South next week for a very late birthday party. But first tomorrow a full day intensive Tia Chi session. :(