We're off

Yes yellow up here but mainly 11kg, thing they are doing away with the we ones, but you can fill the we ones from a big one, not much help for you though, will find out more tmo for you.
Yes Trev, but down here in connemara, or further up the coast.

Annoyingly there's a dealer in wexford who keeps 6kg calor propane, I tried ringing them but no reply.

Any ideas short of a new contract for flogas etc which is no use at home.
Can you type the URL Trev please..
Lost where i found the side as iv cleared all back data today, just look calor and a picture of a campervan below the map, ph number to the left if i rememeber correct, think you will have trouble getting a 6kg to be honest.
Its looking that way, areshole company at best, what do they expect people to do for gas, some lockers won't take any bigger, and they come to Ireland on holiday too.
Its looking that way, areshole company at best, what do they expect people to do for gas, some lockers won't take any bigger, and they come to Ireland on holiday too.
Think early on this year calor said stopping small cyl as not worth the bother, most sold here are big ones.
Yes, but it was supposed to be the tiny ones, not 6kg which is a common motorhome size.
Its earache city here, fridge is off to save a bit of gas so her ladyship can have copious amounts of Tea, but the milk is up to 12c so it'll go off, so put the fridge on i say but then we may run out of gas.

I hear prison food isn't all that bad all things considered.
If i had I'd not have a problem I have been trying to do the same setup for a while but I'm not paying new prices if I can help it.

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