What did you do to your van today?


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Went to get some mustard from the store cupboard....all the tins are freezing cold and dripping with condensation :eek:
Have left the cupboard door open as the van felt really warm in the sun so thought that might even the temperature out. Might have to get some water absorption crystals. Can't heat it overnight as too far away from the barn.


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...... But then heard on news that two women have been fined for travelling 5 miles to a local spot to go for a walk. Police stopped them. And said that they were not allowed. Even told one woman the takeaway coffee she had constituted a picnic and that was a definite no no. So I think I will let it sit on drive. Cannot understand that you can by a coffee etc. Or takeaway but if you eat it out(not at home) it's a picnic. This happened Derbyshire area. Think that was a bit over zealous policeman. Agree things need to tighten up. But I think it should be explained more Brian.
Update to above:
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